Boat and Snorkeling Tours

Experience a pleasant boat ride from the Eilat Marina in the North Beach Hotel area all the way south to the Egyptian border. You'll see four countries from the same spot!

To the west, you see the entire Israeli coastline with its colorful hills, to the east the Jordanian coast with the mountains of biblical Edom, and in the South the Sinai mountains drop down and touch the blue of the sea. On most days even Saudia Arabia is visible in the distance.

Our tours are suitable for people who prefer a small group and a family athmosphere, and who value personal attention. 

If you prefer to just go out with your family or friends, we are happy to offer you a private boat excursion or snorkeling tour. 

We'll bring along light snacks and cold refreshments.

Snorkeling Trips

If you like snorkeling, the boat will stop at one or two of the best snorkeling sites in Eilat! You'll see colorful reef fish and other creatures of the coral reef.
Unlike entering the water from shore and making your way into the sea over rocks and spiky creatures, our comfortable ladder makes it easy for you to get in and out of the water safely and without any hassle.

You can choose between a tour with or without snorkeling guide. The snorkeling guide is not included in the basic price for the trip. Just let us know in advance if you require a guide.
Snorkeling equipment such as mask, snorkel, and fins are included in the basic price. There is a small surcharge for wetsuit rental.
Inexperienced snorkelers will get an introduction into  snorkling and the guide will make sure they are safe. We also bring along floating devices for resting on the water surface  while your are snorkeling.

Boat Excursions

You are not into snorkeling? We'll give you an opportunity to just go for a swim in the blue sea without struggling in and out of the water from shore and without a lot of people around you. No problem, the boat will stop at a suitable and safe place where you can swim or just enjoy being in the clear blue water. Or, you can stay dry during the entire trip.

Sunset Tours

Our tour starts before sunset. Let us know if you want start a little earlier for a late swim or snorkel!

When the sun is low enough you can watch the Jordanian mountains change colors and turn from yellow to red and purple until they eventually fade away. Once darkness has fallen, we sail along the North Beach with its illuminated beach front hotels.

During the tour, you can enjoy light snacks and wine. Of course, we'll also bring along non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water.

Snorkeling Trips 2 hours
(contact us for longer trips)
1-3 guests (per person) 175
group of 4 (per group) 600
group of 5-8 (per group) 750
group of 9-12 (per group) 900
Snorkeling guide (per group) 400
Wetsuit rental (per person) 40
Boat Excursions 2 hours  
1-3 guests (per person) 175
group of 4 (per group) 600
group of 5-8 (per group) 700
group of 9-12 (per group) 800
Sunset Tours  
please contact us